Episode 11: What You Need to Know about Decorating

Episode 11 · February 21st, 2017 · 26 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

We have SO much to share with you about decorating and well, about ourselves too.  One of us kicks off the episode with a confession.  Phew…once that was out of the way, we discussed many key points that everyone who loves to decorate should know. Such as…

A beautiful home contributes to your happiness.  CLICK HERE

Decorating is not fluff.

You can DIY it – whatever it is – even hardwood floors. ( or just call Bobby! )  CLICK HERE

“Style has nothing to do with your budget”. Kelly

Listen to Anita, don’t be afraid to paint a piece of furniture.  CLICK HERE

Anita covers common decorating misconceptions CLICK HERE.

“Rules are sometimes meant to be broken”. Anita

The general rules for hanging a chandelier.  CLICK HERE

Leave some empty spaces advises Anita.  CLICK HERE

In all decor “BIG is better, less is more” – ( Yvonne says, “except more pillows are always better!” )

Kelly teaches you how to create flow.  CLICK HERE

Anita talks about adding something unexpected to a room.  CLICK HERE

Yvonne’s Post about What You Should Know To Be a Decorator, CLICK HERE.

We’ll leave you with this decorating inspiration today,  “if you have a passion for decorating YOU are a decorator”

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly

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