Episode 114

What's on Your Countertops


October 19th, 2017

33 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

Useful, pretty - less is more... These words come to mind when we talk about what is and what should be on our & your kitchen countertops.

Let's head to the kitchen and see what's there...

We are talking tops today, but while we are at it HERE is a post on what our countertops are made of and the pros & cons.

Kelly has Carrara marble and she says YES to it even with the imperfections it develops. Read all about it HERE

Tip of the day for kitchen counters - storage can, and should be decorative, listen in to get all our pretty storage ideas for the countertop.

Backsplash the reason you have so many things on the counter? Maybe trying to hide it? Aspect Peel & Stick Tiles might be the solution. Look HERE

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Free your backsplash from outlets with a undercounter strip of outlets. Check them out HERE

Kelly's knife set is really Henckels ( with the 2 men logo ). Have a look HERE

Do you really need all those small appliances? Anita loves her compact immersion blender & it fits in a drawer. It comes in a bunch of colors too. Look HERE

...and Kelly says its ok if you have paper towels on your counter - then your family, like hers, can find them. ;)

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly