Episode 150

Ingenious Ways to Use Hurricanes - Glass Containers


January 11th, 2018

33 mins 41 secs

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"What a frame is to artwork ~ a cloche is to whatever is in it!" Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse. A great way to describe what we are going to be talking about today! Every home decorator should have some of these. What are we talking about today? Really creative, amazing and ingenious ways to use cloches, hurricanes and any glass cylinder! Today we have lots of great ideas for you!

A cloche or hurricane or glass cylinder is a decorating staple. They can be filled with candles but don't stop there! There are so many creative things to put them in. Especially lovely to give a nod to the season!

Look at second-hand shops to look for hurricanes and other great glass cylinders.

Kelly's idea to use a terracotta pot base to work with a glass cylinder is brilliant!

Think about what you could put in a large canister or jar! LOVE Anita's idea!

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Here are Yvonne's favorite glass cube containers: HERE, HERE and HERE.

Don't throw away glass jars without giving them a second look! You just may have a cloche on your hands!

See Yvonne's 10 Minute Thanksgiving Decor HERE.

See how Anita uses a cloche HERE, HERE, and Anita will show you how to make a cloche HERE.

See Kelly's amazing diy for making a cloche HERE.

Congratulations to Anita for the second edition of her fabulous book French Accents! She has worked very hard to update her book and is sharing lots of great new pictures!!!!


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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly

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