What's Up at Our Houses

Episode 187 · April 8th, 2018 · 33 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

There's always a lot going on at our houses. We're sharing some behind the scenes things that we have going on. Kelly's updating her laundry room, Yvonne is adding blue to her home, and Anita is also adding lots of color to her home.

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Kelly is working with a new company that she loves Metalgardenbeds.com,  

These raised beds are fabulous looking, high enough so there is no bending over & the perfect environment for your veggies, flowers & herbs. Look out for the video Kelly is making all about the metal beds, setting them up, filling and planting!

Anita's book is in stock at the publisher's warehouse! That means it will be in stock everywhere else very soon. You can order it from Amazon CLICK HERE. It should ship very soon!!!!

We have a giveaway to celebrate our 1 million downloads. One winner will get a consult with the three of us! We can talk about whatever you want. The last winner had lots of questions about starting a blog and business, so we focused on that. To enter simply join our email list, CLICK HERE and enter your email address.  Must be 18 years or older, void where prohibited by law. Drawing will be held April 11, 2018.

Kelly and Anita worked behind the scenes on a Texas Flip N Move house. We helped decorate it, and you can see the episode #904 on April 27. Set your DVRs!!! Texas Flip N Move is a TV show on the DIY Network.

To see all of Anita's favorite spring decor on Amazon, go to Amazon.com/shop/Cedarhillfarmhouse.

Today's TIP OF THE DAY is from Melinda. She knows that we prefer to not use shoes indoors, so she suggested leaving a basket of slide on slippers by the front door for guests to use as they enter your home. Her daughter saw this custom in Japan when she was there.

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly