Episode 198

Summer Trends Outdoor Decor


May 3rd, 2018

35 mins 49 secs

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It's so exciting that the warmer weather is here and summer soon to follow. Do you have an outdoor space to decorate this year? Today we are encouraging you to get outside and live in your outdoor space this summer. How about creating an outdoor room? We have lots of tips for creating and living in trendy outdoor spaces this summer!


Outdoor "rooms" are so hot right now! Think of ways to bring the indoor to the outdoors. Think about adding great indoor/outdoor rugs to ground your indoor room.

This year outdoor spaces are getting very sophisticated. If your outdoor room has a covered area think about pulling out dressers and tables and chairs!

See Anita's beautiful bed in bluebonnets HERE. See Anita's Wildflower Party HERE.

There are so many gorgeous choices in outdoor furniture.

Think about hanging outdoor lights over an area to make a canopy of lights. Kelly said to string a heavy wire and then put the lights on them. It keeps them from sagging.

See Kelly's Amazon shop HERE. She has string lights, cement planters & so much more for indoor & outdoor decor.

See outdoor lights HERE.

Mason Jars wrapped with wire hangers and a tea light look beautiful hung in a tree.  See Anita's mason jar lightsHERE

If you have a porch you might like to hang outdoor curtains. Sheer and drop cloth curtains are nice to use! See Anita's shutters HERE.

Put a torchlight in big flower pots on a patio. See them on Yvonne's porch HERE.  See the Anatomy of a Flower Pot HERE.

Outdoor furniture should be covered as it will be affected by the elements. If you are not worried about rain or lots of wind try covering the furniture with a drop cloth. Easy- peasy!

See Kelly's drought tolerant pots HERE. And see the best fertilizer for outdoor pots HERE.

See a beautiful outdoor swing/bed HERE.

Raised garden beds are on trend and so easy now!  See Yvonne's tall raised patio beds HERE.

Kelly has these metal raised beds. Gorgeous!

See Kelly's gorgeous book, My Soulful Home A Year In Flowers HERE.

Thanks to Julie B for her wonderful Tip of the Day - listen in to hear it and visit Julie's brand new beautiful blog, My Wee Abode. Thx Julie!!

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Anita, Yvonne, and Kelly

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