Episode 201

Gadgets That Make Life Better


May 10th, 2018

42 mins 14 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Do you love gadgets? How about if they make your life so much better? Today we are talking about little tools and gadgets we love and make our life better!

Two of us love little gadgets and one (our outlier) is very lukewarm about them. But I think we are bringing Miss Kelly around!

Here's our list of best little gadgets we are wild about! And we think you just might love them too!

Internet Mesh Network HERE

Disc Plate Hangers HERE

Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer HERE

Dimmer Switches HERE and HERE

Programmable Light Switch HERE

Command Mounting Strips HERE

Ring Doorbell HERE

Ring Floodlight Camera HERE

Norwex wet and dry cleaning mopHERE

Norwex cleaning cloth HERE

Smartphone Projector HERE

Tile Finders HERE

Phone Charging Station HERE

Wireless Charging Pad HERE

Air Pods HERE

Tower Garden HERE

Bose Wireless Headphones HERE

Fitbit HERE

Bobi Pet Robotic Vacuum HERE

Immersion Blender HERE

Guac Lock HERE

Gardening Angel Garden Gloves HERE

Sous Vide HERE

Sous Vide Container HERE

Kotobuki Slim Ohkubo Garden Shears HERE

Alexa Echo HERE

Lazer Measurer HERE


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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly

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