Episode 204

Something is Missing - How to Figure Out What


May 17th, 2018

31 mins 45 secs

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Do you ever walk into a room in your home and say to yourself, "Something is missing"? But you just don't know what it is. Don't worry we've all said that too! And we want to give you lots of tips and things to think about to solve this problem like Sherlock Holmes!

Our best tip is to take a picture of your room. A picture gives us a better perspective of our rooms and can often show us what is "off".

Do you have too many little pieces and things in your room? It better to have less and often better to have larger items. Too many things in a room make it look cluttered!

Think "larger and less"! 

Does everything in your room works together? Give your room a cohesive and curated look. You may have great furnishing but they may not work together!

Don't overdecorate! Rooms need "white space" or breathing space to work! Take out some things in a room and rearrange what you are keeping and see how it looks.

Another thing to think about is the height of everything in your room. If everything is low or all the same height it will look "off" at best. Use tall art, long curtains and even a tall piece of furniture to help your eye move up around the room.

Boo Hoo... make sure your room does not lack your personality! A sad room is a room without a personal touch. Let your style shine! Even the most beautiful furniture showroom looks stark! Share what you collect or add things that tell a story about you!

Texture, texture, texture baby!!!! Make sure you have lots and lots of great texture in a room.

Kelly loves mirrors and thinks a mirror should grace every room.

Balance and symmetry are so important. Make sure the furniture on one side of the room is balanced by the other.

Make sure you have a clearly defined focal point. More than one can fight and none at all will look confusing.

Layer decor. But don't layer every part of a room. After you layer decor make sure to take one or two things out and see if you like it better! But do layer!

Get friendly with Pinterest. Study rooms you love and deconstruct it. Find out what makes you love it and transfer what you love to your room.

We hope we have helped you solve the "what's missing in my room" dilemma! 
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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly