Episode 222

Decorating with Dishes


June 28th, 2018

32 mins 1 sec

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Don't let your dishes just sit in your cupboards. Don't you know they are waiting for you to play! Anita, Kelly, and Yvonne say, GET OUT YOUR DISHES AND PLAY!!! We have lots of ways to decorate with dishes.

Vintage or new, dishes are made to be seen in every room!

HomeGoods is a great source for dishes and especially white dishes and dishware!!!!

Vintage shops have BEAUTIFUL, inexpensive china for pennies on the dollar! Make sure you visit your local shops!

Yvonne's favorite plates are those on pedestals... white cake pedestals! Oh, be still my heart! You can see some great ways to use cake pedestals HERE.

Like other decor, dishes look best if grouped in a limited color palette!  

The more en-mass dishes are the more striking they look! Group or stack like dishes!

Platters are a big favorite of ours! Think about using a platter as a tray! What a great look! Glue little metal feet to the bottom of a platter to make a one-of-a-kind tray.

Crazing is a naturally occurring process in older dishes. Tiny line appear and actually add to the beauty and patina of dishes. Don't be to show them off!

Hang plates and lids etc on the wall. Use hidden hooks. Instead of them being symmetrical on the wall create an asymmetrical design to imitate movement. 

Yvonne like DISC plate hooks and you can find them HERE.

You can see the best trick for hanging dishes HERE

See Kelly's beautiful pink floral vintage dishes in a charming tablescape HERE.

One of Yvonne's favorite uses for dishes is as risers. If you need a little height in a vignette or arrangement pop whatever it is on a stack of dishes!  Instant riser!

Use small dishes to corral rings for jewelry, as a soap dish or to dump loose change. Yvonne puts her electric toothbrush on a tiny square butter pat plate. Fun idea!

Fill bowls and platters and cake stands with seasonal decor!

If a piece of art or a hutch is a little too small to fill the space add dishes to the wall on either side. 

Use vintage cups to use as a scoop or a measure. Many vintage cups actually measure 1 cup. 

Grab a bunch of silver spoons and put them in a small pitcher and use them as tasting spoons when you cook!

We all LOVE dishes and use them every day in decor! How about YOU?


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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly