Episode 224

Performance Fabric - What's the Deal?


July 3rd, 2018

32 mins 28 secs

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Because nothing says 4th of July like performance fabrics...
Today we are answering your questions & our own on just that very topic!
Questions like, _really, what is a performance fabric? How can it work best for me? Indoor, outdoor, green not green and more... _
If you are curious as we were about the real scoop on these fabrics tune in we'd love to have you with us as always!

_And no Nita Jean - it is not Kryptonite! _ (Listen in to know what I am talking about)

Before you head out to celebrate the day - let's have a few laughs togther & learn something. Imagine how impressed everyone will be at the afternnon bbq when you can tell them all about how Sunbrella is made & why it works and...whether you can wash it! All this and more will be revealed...

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Welcome to ALL our new listeners! So glad you have joined us. Many of you must be telling your friends about the podcast, as this party keeps getting bigger!

Did you know DTT was in the top ten of design podcasts again this week!! We are thrilled and have you all to thank for spreading the word. If you have a friend that you think might enjoy DTT invite them to join us too.

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Have a wonderful day!!

Anita, Yvonne and Kelly