Episode 257

Stuff to Get Rid of Now: Debated


September 18th, 2018

38 mins 24 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

To keep or not to keep ... that is the question!

There is a price to pay for sentimentality, but what if all your stuff is really worth something one day?

Today we debate the "keepers" - and what can/should be given away.
Bottom line ~ it is a subjective issue. We give you our views and want to hear yours. Send an email with your thoughts!

One thing we can probably all agree on is that we ALL have too much stuff.

Where does the stuff you have rank in importance on the sentimentality scale and/or objective value scale? We weigh in on all of it, from china to toys ~ with lots of laughs in the mix.

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly