Episode 29

Episode 29: Listener Questions


April 5th, 2017

36 mins 12 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode


WOW WOW WOW!  We are absolutely blown away by the number of you listening to our podcast!

Well, it is really YOUR podcast.  Each episode is created with YOU in mind & in heart.  This one in particular as it is all about answering listener questions.  So fun!

Our feature image today is even from a listener!  Donna created a beautiful vignette inspired by an episode of DTT.  She shared it with us, we blushed & gushed and now share it with you.  Thanks Donna!! xx

If you have called, emailed or commented with a question we have written it down, considered it and will answer it.  Today we answer several.  If we didn’t get to yours yet, we will on another Listener Questions episode, so everyone stay tuned!

Visit our featured blogger Susan of Love of Home.  We adore Susan and all she is up to with her house, family & her new venture ~ essential oils.  You’ll love her too – and if you love her arm throw like we do, we’d love it if you made us one! ;).

Visit Susan HERE.

See Kelly’s burlap round table cloth.  HERE

Anita shares how she handled the awkward window behind the bed HERE.

The masculine house designed by Charles Faudree can be found HERE.

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And you can call us @ 323 480-4408 we’d love to hear from you! You can suggest a topic for us to cover or ask a question.

Thank you to all those who have called in – we SO enjoy hearing your voices & thoughts!!

Until next time…


Anita, Yvonne, & Kelly

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