Episode 297

High End Appliances - Worth It?


January 13th, 2019

39 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

High end appliances are HOT. There are a RANGE of choices and we cover it all today ...and toss in a few more puns along the way!

High end appliances are gorgeous powerful machines, but are they for you, your house & budget? We cover the pros & cons, as well as give you some outstanding options to explore to get the look & even the performance for much less.

Not just pretty, high end stoves pack a whollop of BTU's to taking your cooking to the next level. Listen in to learn more ...

In the fridge/freezer departmant it is dual compressors that set high end appliances apart from their lower cost alternatives. Listen in to learn more ....

Cleaning up with a high end diswasher is a quiet affair. If quiet isn't a big concern, you may be able to get the hidden control panel in a lower priced machine. Listen in to learn more ...

Anita came up with a fantastic option to explore if you are dreaming about a super high end European stove. I was blown away when I headed over to look at the stoves made by the company she suggest. Think you will be too. Click HERE to see Hallman stoves.

If you have time & patience you may be able to score high appliances at one of these re-sale sources:

Everything But the House.

Renovation Angel.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Remember choosing high end may pay off on re-sale so figure this into your decision.

Check out all of the fabulous things at our store BESPOKE DECOR STORE.

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