Episode 30

Episode 30: Container Gardens


April 7th, 2017

35 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Container gardens bring color, life and beauty to outdoor living. Choosing the right container, soil and plants go a long way to make these beautiful pots thrive. Today we are talking about these things and more!

Yvonne’s favorite pots of flowers HERE.

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See Kelly’s trash can containers in the first photo HERE

See Yvonne’s favorite container’s for flowers HERE.

Join Kelly’s ‘Be a Better Gardener Club. HERE

Follow Kelly’s Container Garden Pinterest Board HERE 

A spring container garden details HERE.

Out of the ‘pot’ idea HERE.

A ‘rescued’ container garden HERE.

See Yvonne’s potting bench and potted kitchen herb garden HERE

Why do you garden?  Read why Kelly does HERE.

The best fertilizer for container gardens is HERE.

See Yvonne’s color theme for her 2017 container gardens HERE.

Ideas for a white & green palette in a container HERE.

Kelly’s three secrets are HERE.

A drought tolerant container garden is HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne, & Kelly

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