Episode 300

Collecting - How to Do it Right


January 22nd, 2019

42 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

Yes, it's really our 300th episode. Wow, how time flies.

Are you a collector? Do you have a passion for dishes, or linens or something else? Let's talk about how to collect without becoming a hoarder. What are the do's and don'ts of collecting?

First, try to curate your collections so that you just have your favorite pieces, the best of the best. You don't need a hundred items to make it a curated collection. Next try to do a write up on the items for future generations. Why are you collecting the items? What is their importance to you or your family?  Make a note of anything of a large monetary value so your family will know.  If you suspect your collection is worth a lot of money, have it appraised, then consider securing a rider on your insurance policy for the items, so they will be covered in case of loss.

We also encourage people to display their items and if possible, use them. I collect dishes, and I try to use them often. Boxing things and putting them in the attic is not a good way to enjoy them.

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