Episode 301

What's Up at Our Houses


January 27th, 2019

48 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Time for another "What's Up at our Houses"...

Purging is a hot topic for us this month. Personal purging & hosting the DTT Urge to Purge Challenge. Other stuff includes a life changing event at Kelly's that has nothing to do with decorating. At Anita's house she has embraced the de-cluttering concept with both arms. And she comes ready with lots of great tips on everything from seat covers to slippers.

Speaking of slippers - here is a darling pair in case you are in the market. HERE. You decide "house shoe", slipper, carpet slipper or heck, wear them out of the town! Too cute!!

Kelly is working on her white garden during the 'winter' in Cali. Her plan is based losely on the white garden at Sissinghurst. See HERE.

Anita mentioned a blog post on an Australian garden. See that post HERE.

De-Toxifying our homes has been on our minds and Anita has a new way to clean the water you drink. Try a Berkey water filter. Check them out HERE.

Someone asked for our blog links. Here you go Cedar Hill Farmhouse and My Soulful Home.

Let us know what is up at YOUR house!

Thanks for ALL of you who have joined in the URGE to PURGE Challenge. We hope you are getting a lot out of it and want to see your purging piles!

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Kelly & Anita