Episode 321

Top Pinterest Trends 2019


April 7th, 2019

53 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

Pinterest is a fabulous source for all sorts of inspiration, especially of the home decor kind.

It is a positive force on the internet and a giant search engine with beautiful answers.

Today we are exploring the 2019 Top Trends on Pinterest based on user searches.

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Ok.... Pinterest Trends:

Call it rebel yellow, saffron or mustard - by any name this sort of yellow is cutting a niche for itself this year. Kelly uses it as her pop color and loves it. Anita maybe not so much... ;)

See this color in action in Kelly's living room. Click HERE.

Sleek fireplaces are very much on people's minds. We give you lots of ideas on how to update yours to get on board with this look.

Kelly loved the modern sleek fireplace when she was invited to visit the HGTV Dream House in Gig Harbor. Have a look HERE.

Fireplace glass is an easy way to update any gas fireplace. Just remove the faux logs. Create a base with sand and top with several pounds of glass pieces in any color you love.

Get fireplace glass HERE.

Textile art - more than your grandma's macrame plant hanger.

Geometric wall art - our thoughts, must be an easier way to get this look than hand painting it.

Tin ceiling tiles are coming back strong.

You can find these tiles HERE.

Low care and trendy - the cactus is coming on strong.

Speaking of cactus, Kelly's crush is from the Cactus Lounge Boutique. These yummy slides are now Kelly's "house shoes". Get a pair at under $20 you will be so happy you did!

Click HERE for the Gucci on the outside, furry on the inside slides.

It is jungle out there ~ or really IN here. At least that is what it seems from the Pinterest searches for decorating with house plants. Greenery is up big. Get some plants - always in style and they clean your air.

Painted tile or linoleum see the post linked HERE.

Wallpaper as we know, is stuck like glue to the top trends board.

Way to double down on the Pinterest trends. Kelly just installed this paintable paper in her girls' bathroom that looks like ceiling tile! Click HERE

And she loves this black background rose print wallpaper. Click HERE

Dive into the natural pool trend. No more green hair with green plants in your pool!

Anita's crush tends to the practical today. Pill pockets for your pooch. Get some HERE.

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Kelly & Anita