Episode 352

Is Gray Here to Stay?


July 23rd, 2019

41 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

Like religion & politics ... whether gray is here to stay in our decors is a hotly debated topic.

But should it be?

Listen in as we weigh in on both sides of the battle. And find out which camp we are in...

Get big paint samples HERE.

Here are some grays we have lived & loved and a few new ones:

Agreeable Gray

Pussy Willow

Stonington Gray

Silver Chain

Kendall Charcoal

Revere Pewter


Amazing Gray

Colonnade Gray

Sedate Gray

Sting Ray

Classic Gray

Balboa Mist


Our crushes are:

Kelly - a very inexpensive & useful crossbody bag. See it HERE.

Anita - a travel bunge for attaching a bag to a rolling suitcase. See it HERE.

We answer listener Amy F's question involving balancing decor and hiding cords. Amy you are not alone in having these issues. Hope our suggestions help!

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Kelly & Anita

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