Episode 36

Episode 36: Laundry Room 101


April 20th, 2017

32 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

It is unavoidable, so you may as well have a pretty & functional room to do it in, we can help.

Laundry room 101 is chock full of great tips from our favorite machines to handmade laundry soap.

Check out Kelly’s favorite washer & dryer HERE. ( Miele – Sheila )

See Yvonne’s favorite dryer balls diy HERE.

What do you think of the sink Kelly picked out for her soon to be laundry room.  See it HERE.

See homemade laundry soap HERE.

Anita’s formula for getting rid of stains on linen – soak overnight in very hot water. Add equal parts powdered original Tide, powdered Oxiclean and powdered Biz. After 24 hours, rinse. If stain still remains, repeat. I’ve done this for a week and it got out mold!

And a chrome wall mount faucet under a $100 bucks to go with it HERE.

See Yvonne’s laundry room reveal HERE.

See Yvonne’s 10 Best Items To Have In A Laundry Room HERE.

Kelly’s wood floor tile from Thomas Avenue Ceramics HERE.

We can’t believe these are not wood!  Order a free sample & see for yourself.  If you do order tile use DTT20 at check out for 20% off!

Dryer vent cleaner HERE.

TODAY’S sponsors are CANVAS PEOPLE  check them out HERE.

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Thanks, Canvas People!

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Anita, Yvonne, and Kelly

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