Episode 371

Are You a New Traditionalist ?


September 29th, 2019

42 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Whether you are already a New Traditionalist, don't know if you are one or want to be one, we have lots of advice for you to make the most of this beautiful & easy to live with style.

In a nutshell new traditionalist style effortlessly mixes & blends traditional furnishings with modern, sleeker elements to create a whole new fresh take. New traditionalist rooms are interesting because of the mix of periods & provences of the pieces. ( say that 3x fast! )

Whether you have a house full of traditional furnishings or tend toward the modern today you'll learn the key pieces to add, take away or combine to achieve this very now look.

We talk about new traditionalist designers that you'll want to check out.

They are all women & putting their own spin on traditional.

Click the names to be directed to their sites:

Summer Thorton

Heather Garrett

Katie Lydon

Taylor Borsari

Ginger Brewton

Frances Merill

Anita shares why we need to avoid alumium in our cooking and in doing just that she is crushing on parchment paper. Get a roll HERE.

Kelly enjoyed another book! Her crush is GHOSTED by Rosie Walsh. HERE

Kelly & Anita

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