Episode 381

Two Styles To Know - what & how


November 3rd, 2019

39 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Have you heard of grandmilleniel style? Pretty sure you have heard of the new modern farmhouse style.

Well hearing about is one thing, knowing what, how and ways to incorporate these two hot styles into your home is another.

Grandmilleniel style incorporates much of what we love already and works it in fresh ways.

Modern farmhouse - gone is the rusty, crusty, chippy rage. The farmhouse look of today is... listen in to find out.

Kelly spoke recently to a PEO chapter. What a wonderful organization! Is there a chapter where you live? See what it is all about HERE.

Kelly mentioned this book when talking about the grandmilleniel style. Parish Hadley Tree of Life ~ a history of this legendary design firm. See the book HERE.

Check out Lycett Designs HERE.

Folllow Courtland and Co HERE.

For the perfect example of modern farmhouse visit McGee and Co. HERE.


Anita shares with us a new podcast ~ The Shrink Next Door. Listen in HERE.

Kelly urges us all to get a bareroot Bolero Rose to add to our gardens. Find this rose HERE.

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Kelly & Anita