Episode 384

Mattress Buying Guide


November 12th, 2019

48 mins 46 secs

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Have you shopped for a mattress lately? It can be so confusing. Which one is best for a back sleeper or a side sleeper? Can you try out the mattresses that are only available online? Which one is best? Is organic really worth the price? We're not laying down on the job, or well for this one, we might be. Anita is shopping for a new mattress, and she has done a lot of research.

Two organic mattresses are Awara HERE and Saatva HERE.

There is a more stringent certification caled made safe certification called Made Safe. Two mattress that meet that certification are Avocado HERE and Happsy HERE.

There are two organic certifications;

GOTS certification - global organic textile standard

GOLS standard -global organic latex standard

Anita is crushing on Interior Design Masters on Netflix

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Anita and Kelly