Episode 407

Live Well - Sell Over Ask


March 3rd, 2020

59 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Learn what features you can enjoy now and expect a nice return on when, and if, you sell your house.

We discuss not only what potential buyers are looking for now, but even more importantly, features you might want to live with before you call a realtor.

Like the title says "LIVE WELL _then _SELL OVER ASK"!

Some features we wholeheartedly agree will make your home more attractive to buyers, others not so much...

Listen in to hear the discussion and so much more, like our 'hot topic' chat, why we like today's crushes and an answer to a white paint question many people might have, but have not asked yet.

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Today's Hot Topic article is all about home decor app. Read it HERE.

Kelly is crushing on the New Yorker Fiction podcast. Short stories previously published in the New Yorker magazine read by literary folks. Listen to "The Other Side of the Street" by John Updike HERE.

Anita bought & loves a tiered tray. See it HERE.

Get to know & follow our friend Lucy at Craftberry Bush HERE. You will love her photography, art & spirit.

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Kelly & Anita

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