Episode 413

Wabi Sabi - trend, attitude, approach


April 14th, 2020

51 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

What a perfect time to embrace the perfectly imperfect!

Today we explore the concept of Wabi Sabi as a trend, attitude & approach.

Wabi Sabi goes deeper than just being chill. It is an an attitude & approach to living that dates back to ancient times.

In recent years the term has crept into the home deocr venacular.

Today we discuss what it mean to approach life & home in a Wabi Sabi way, the hallmarks of the Wabi Sabi in decor and specific ways you can incorporate it in your home.

Items with patina - graceful aging - are very Wabi Sabi.

This post by Kelly explores why we love things bearing the patina of age. Read it HERE.

Listen in for other decor elements & choices that evoke Wabi Sabi.

The Sherman Williams color Kelly mentioned is Pure White. See it HERE.

After listening if you want to learn more about Wabi Sabi get the book Wabi Sabi Welcome HERE.

Hot Topic - is this the moment for eDesign. Listen in to hear what we think. Read the article HERE.

Thanks to our listener Kimalee for introducing us all to Priceless Pets Rescue. It is great time to adopt a new BFF. Go HERE to see who is available!


Anita is loving the Knock Knock plant delivery service. Check it out HERE.

Kelly & her dgggies love Paw Ramp. Have a look HERE.

Our listener question is one that plagues many home owners. Maybe you too? Listen in....

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Kelly & Anita