Episode 56

Creating A Welcoming Front Door


June 6th, 2017

32 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

A beautiful, inviting home starts at the front door.  Listen in for our easy to accomplish tips on how to beautify your front door and entry. We’d love to see your front door – send photos!

Thank you to our new sponsor Soft Surroundings for all the lovely items for the home and clothing they offer.  If you don’t know Soft Surroundings go have a look HERE.

Yvonne says paint your front door a fabulous color and she has more ideas HERE.

Add a wreath – look HERE.

or a tote…yup, a tote ~ look HERE.

or a basket of plants ~ look HERE.

How about some fresh house numbers. Click HERE.

Or a crank door bell ~ look HERE.

Check out the darling bell Kelly had at her last house HERE.

Personalized door mat anyone?  Click HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne, and Kelly

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