Trends 2018 Sneak Peak

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We, especially Yvonne, love to predict, spot & watch the decor trends. 2018 is 6 months away, but we are diving in for a sneak peek at what will be coming at you in home decor next year.

Join us for a July look ahead at the 2018 home decor trends. Let us know if you have any predictions - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Anita's rug on Instagram. We are thrilled to report it was well within the top ten, so the rug design will be made! WooHoo !! More details on when & where you can find it soon.

And Kelly's book My Soulful Home ~ a year is flowers launch was a fabulous success! Click HERE to get a copy ( or two! ) . It is a best seller in two categories already. THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged, supported and purchased the book! So grateful!! xx

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Yvonne, Anita & Kelly

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July 25th, 2017

33 mins 18 secs

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