Episode 86

Innovative Ways to use a Painter Drop Cloth


August 15th, 2017

34 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

We love the humble painters drop cloth for SO many reasons. This neutral, sturdy, affordable & versatile piece of fabric can be repurposed into a myriad of decorative items. Listen in to hear why you should consider a painters drop cloth and the many ways to use one or more in your decor.

If you have ever consider using or used a painter's drop cloth you may have noticed the weight & grade listed on the package. Learn what those numbers really mean & how to choose the best weight or grade for your project.

Yvonne teaches us how to bleach drop clothes to a lovely shade that is soft to the touch - click HERE

Pop over to Kelly's porch to see the privacy drapes she made using drop cloths - click HERE

Anita's chalky painted drop cloth bench is oh la la ....SOOOO beautiful - click HERE

You can also see Anita's dropcloth day bed cover she made for the bed at her tree house. CLICK HERE.

Our friend Christy created this darling covered stool with rosettes using a drop cloth - click HERE

Check out the pillow Kelly had to give away. It is made with a drop cloth, welting & a drop cloth fray ribbon - click HERE

How about a black drop cloth....yup, a black one. They are calling them chimney sweep cloths. A 6 x 9 is $39.99 on Amazon - click HERE

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Yvonne, Anita and Kelly