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Decorating tips and advice to help you create a beautiful home. Listening is like hiring a decorator, but it is free! Free and fun ~ lots of laughs mixed in with practical, useful & stylish decorating advice. Pull up a chair and join us!


  • 9 Ways to Refresh Your Family Room

    June 20th, 2017  |  34 mins 49 secs

    Family rooms live hard and can show wear & tear ~ so they deserve a refresh now & again.  Listen in to get our ideas and inspiration on freshening up yours.  Easy, often times inexpensive changes, that can really transform one of the most occupied and ...

  • You Ask We Answer – listener questions II

    June 19th, 2017  |  39 mins 24 secs

    Once again we are answering listener questions, or trying at least. We LOVE to hear from you, and yes we have an opinion about everything! If you have any questions or topics you want us to discuss, please email us at [email protected]

  • Cleaning Tips to Save You Time !

    June 16th, 2017  |  33 mins 34 secs

    Does thinking about cleaning your home give you a headache? Or take up too much of your time? Today on DTT we are sharing our best secrets for cleaning our homes the easy way!!!! Thank you to our sponsor Thomas Avenue Ceramics!

  • 9+ Ideas to Take your Walls from Blah to Beautiful

    June 13th, 2017  |  32 mins 39 secs

    Making a hole in your walls is a commitment.  Make sure what you are hanging is meaningful, beautiful & unique. We have nine, well actually more than nine, ideas for you to take your walls from blah to beautiful.

  • Secrets to Buying Antiques

    June 12th, 2017  |  31 mins 39 secs

    We love buying antiques! It’s fun, but there are a few things you need to know before you hit the shops. First be sure you know your decorating style. Many antique items are not returnable, so you really want to be sure what you are buying is going to ...

  • Hot Summer Trends

    June 9th, 2017  |  33 mins 52 secs

    It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy. Well unless it gets too hot, then maybe not so much. Check out these easy summer decorating tips from Yvonne HERE. Do you know about our friends at Blinds.com? Anita was on their Facebook live video HERE.

  • Creating A Welcoming Front Door

    June 6th, 2017  |  30 mins 50 secs

    A beautiful, inviting home starts at the front door.  Listen in for our easy to accomplish tips on how to beautify your front door and entry. We’d love to see your front door – send photos! Thank you to our new sponsor Soft Surroundings for all the lov...

  • End Tables Endless Possibilities

    June 5th, 2017  |  31 mins 35 secs

    We love end tables! the best part is that you can find some really unique and fun pieces for a reasonable price. We’re talking about what we like to use for end tables and what we like to put on them today.

  • Setting A Summer Table

    June 2nd, 2017  |  30 mins 54 secs

    We love setting a table on the patio, porch, and back yard and lingering over great food and company. Food just tastes better, the company is more interesting and the evening more magical! But don’t save al fresco dining for company.

  • Tips for VERY Interesting Ceilings, Floors & Walls

    May 31st, 2017  |  38 mins 14 secs

    Up, down and all around – Ceilings, floors and walls.  Many, many ideas, inspiration that you may never have considered for these areas that we all have.  Listen in and as you do re-think, re-consider and re-evaluate your ceilings, floors & walls.

  • White Hot White Decor

    May 29th, 2017  |  31 mins 8 secs

    White decor is white hot! It’s very trendy right now, but the great news is that white is a classic so it’s always in style and it goes with almost any color. Join us and we’ll share some of our favorite white decor items.

  • Styling Your Entry

    May 26th, 2017  |  30 mins 10 secs

    You only get once chance to make a first impression when you meet people. The same is true when someone enters your home for the first time. Make it count with an amazing foyer, no matter the size. Be sure to get your FREE 11 x 14 canvas art from Canva...

  • Bathrooms – got one? Then you really you need to hear this one…

    May 24th, 2017  |  35 mins 44 secs

    Bathrooms are often hard to decorate. But we are here to help you make your bathroom not only functional but fabulous as well!  Listen in … we can’t explain ~ you just have to hear it for yourself Can you see yourself with new tile in your home?

  • Ways to Fake High End Decor

    May 22nd, 2017  |  30 mins 12 secs

    Some people fake it till they make it, but why not keep faking it here and there when it comes to decor? Everyone doesn’t need to know how you did things on the cheap. We’re revealing how we fake it today. Thank you to our sponsor Farmhouse Refined!

  • Get the Look Mirrors!

    May 19th, 2017  |  29 mins 29 secs

    Today we are “reflecting” on mirrors! What to look for and how to use mirrors in your home! Mirrors are great ways to bring light and an open feeling to a room! We love mirrors! Can you see yourself with new tile in your home?

  • Deciding on an Accent Chair

    May 16th, 2017  |  33 mins 56 secs

    Today’s episode is all about accent chairs! How to choose them and what accent chairs will work with your style! Goldie Locks really knew what she was talking about! It pays to be choosy. You need to find an accent chair that is not too big or not too ...