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Many of you have asked us how you can say thanks for all the hours of tips, tricks, laughs & friendship we share with you every week. Now we have 4 special ways for you to connect and support the show.

We appreciate any level of support from tuning in each week, sharing the show with friends, sending us an email and, if you are able, supporting DTT at one of these levels.

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At the $50 level you will receive a clickable list of our DTT CRUSHES sent right to your inbox.

Now for the most fun way to keep the Tips & Tricks coming ~ become a TIPSTER !

What's a TIPSTER? A Tipster is DTT listener that records their own tip with us for an upcoming episode. Woohoo !!

$100 - I want to be a TIPSTER !!!

To become a DTT TIPSTER fill in the "other" option with $100 and we will contact you to thank you and to set up a date for you to record your tip to go 'live' on an upcoming episode.

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