Team DTT

Join Team DTT !

There is no " I " in team, but there is a U in our team, ** YOU ** and us!

Members of TEAM DTT hang out with Kelly & Anita in real time & so much more!

Team DTT gatherings will be as close to meeting for coffee/tea or wine as we can get. We'll talk decorating, answer your questions, share photos, tips and ideas. Our team of kindred spirits will get to mix and mingle, not just with us, but with each other too. It is going to be inspiring & so much fun!

As a member of TEAM DTT you will get:

  • membership in our TEAM DTT private Facebook group;
  • FB LIVE questions/answers and discussions with Kelly &/or Anita each week;
  • a monthly content rich newsletter;
  • entry into exquisite giveaways;
  • special promotions;
  • members only content;
  • one on two design consults at a 50% discount.

All that for less than the price of monthly decor magazine!

Membership in TEAM DTT at the moment is only $75 for 12 months.

This is a special kick off team building rate.

Join now & you are locked in at the $75 rate for years to come.
We are keeping the team small for now and closing the membership opportunity on 2/14/20.
Join now for a full year of TEAM DTT for only $75.

We cannot wait to decorate the 'club house' with YOU!!

Kelly & Anita

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