Episode 118

Decorating Your Dining Room Table


October 29th, 2017

36 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Likely the biggest horizontal surface you have in your house needs decor ~ your dining room table!

We have tips, tricks & inspiration for you to create beauty on your table in between family dinners & guests.

Bottom line go BIG, but don't miss all the other lines, especially that exclamation by Anita! Take a seat & let's talk dining room table decor...

This episode is about making a decor statement on your dining room table when you are not dining. What to put there when your table is 'idle", which for many of us is most of the time.

Go big on this large surface, but be mindful of interfering with your light fixture.

Kelly likes to go big from side to side. Have a look HERE for an example of her dining table decor.

Yvonne uses a chippy vintage shutter to add charm and to mask a table she had fallen out of love with, but had to keep for a few more years. Listen up mahogany table peeps. See it HERE

Kelly loves to use runners on her patina'ed table (scored at a girl scout yard sale by the way!).

Our friend Ann at the fabulous blog On Sutton Place, has an easy tutorial for creating a burlap runner with tassels. Have a look HERE . Thanks Ann!!

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Grain sack runners also add homespun charm. This one is a good looking knock off of the real deal. Grain sack runner

Anita loves to decorate with cloches on her dining table. See Anita's cloches in action HERE

Get your own cloche or three HERE

Or how about a faux dough bowl - well it is real, just not vintage. Have a look HERE

Let's all have a look at the white dish pans Yvonne talks about. You need to listen to see how they fit in here today. Mind you this did get her 'tip of the day', so tune in for sure! White dish pans

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly

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