Arranging Bed Pillows like a Pro

Episode 120 · November 2nd, 2017 · 38 mins 38 secs

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ARRANGING BED PILLOWS can be a bit controversial!!! Lots of pillows piled high or only sleeping pillows! Euro pillows or standard pillows? How many decorative pillows? Or do you throw a few pillows on the bed and call it a day?

We love bed pillows!!!!

Today we are talking about our favorite ways to arrange pillows on our bed.

Put a big basket in your bedroom to collect your bed pillows while you are sleeping.

We are all fans of Eruo pillows!!!! Euro shams come in various sizes so be careful you know what size they are.

Here are sizes for euro shams... standard sizes:  26 x 26... king 36 x 36 

Use 2 king size pillows on a queen size bed. They will cover the length of the queen bed. 

If you like fluffy pillows use inserts that are one size bigger than the pillow cover. What a difference it will make!

Don't forget to add a little throw at the end of the bed to balance the pillows!

Here's a secret for a fluffy designer looking duvet, double your duvet insert. It's a little heavy to sleep with but if your duvet is more decorative go for it! It will make your bed look stunning!

Use your old curtains and duvet covers and make pillows!

You can use a duvet cover without the insert as a bedspread. It looks beautiful! 



Here is Anita's tutorial for a linen covered bolster pillow. CLICK HERE.

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