Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating

Episode 126 · November 16th, 2017 · 39 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

O, CHRISTMAS TREE... O, CHRISTMAS TREE! Kelly, Anita and I all love to decorate a Christmas tree. They may all look different and we may have certain opinions about what goes on a tree and what doesn't. Christmas trees are a very individual thing. Today we are sharing how to make your tree the best from the tree skirt to the star on the top!!!!

The most important thing to do with a faux tree is to "fluff" it. Make sure the branches are pulled apart and fluffed up!

If you have a live tree make sure to recut the bottom of the tree off. And keep it well watered!

Cover your floor before you set up your tree.

When you are putting up your tree make sure to wear garden gloves to protect your hands.

After you get your tree in its stand the lights come next. Make sure to check the lights to make sure they all work!

See the LIGHT KEEP PRO to fix a string of light that don't work. See it HERE.

There is some disagreement about when to put the garland on. Anita does it after the lights.

Yvonne and Kelly love twigs and sprays of greens etc to stick in a tree.

We all love to put something different on the top of the tree. Anita has an angel, Kelly has a star and Yvonne uses ribbons.

We all finish the tree with a tree skirt or a great swath of fabric!

See Yvonne's Wow Factor pinecone ornaments HERE.

See Yvonne's broken glass ornament HERE

See Kelly's Christmas Trees HERE and HERE.

See Anita's Christmas Trees HERE andHERE

See Yvonne's Christmas Trees HERE and  HERE.
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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly