Episode 14

Episode 14: Lighting Your Home


February 28th, 2017

33 mins 45 secs

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You’ll look better…need we say more?

Ok, your house will look better too.  Much better!  Good lighting is essential to a beautiful home.  In this episode we talk about the different kinds of lighting you need in each room of your home.  Where to place lighting for best effect and those special bulbs!

Under counter kitchen lighting demystified by Kelly in her 101 Series. CLICK HERE

Get Kelly’s Xenon lights.  CLICK HERE

Gorgeous lamps from Yvonne.  CLICK HERE

Anita has gorgeous lamps & sconces in her shop.  CLICK HERE

Anita shares her tips on choosing lighting CLICK HERE.

Here are some chandeliers Kelly considered for her kitchen.  CLICK HERE

Shades are important too.  Check out Yvonne’s ruffled burlap DIY shade.  CLICK HERE

Anita has an adorable DIY for table lamp candles CLICK HERE

Size and height of chandeliers explained by Kelly. CLICK HERE

Oh and those pale pink bulbs, don’t wait they are going away!!  CLICK HERE

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly

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