Episode 145

Best of DTT - 9 Ways to Dress Up Your Walls


December 31st, 2017

35 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

We are beyond thrilled to be kicking off 2018 with you! It is going to be fantastic year for all of us - can't you just feel it?

No better way to start the year than with some laughs. This episode delivers in that department and is full of terrific tips for your walls.

Making a hole in your walls is a commitment.  Make sure what you are hanging is meaningful, beautiful & unique.

We have nine, well actually more than nine, ideas for you to take your walls from blah to beautiful.  Apologies in advance for all the laughing – this one is so funny.  What was Kelly saying…?

Check out Anita’s tips for hanging dishes HERE.

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Try a wrapped canvas covered in your favorite fabric a’ la Kelly HERE.

A collection of vintage travel postcards suitable for framing HERE.

Carabiners to solve the 2 hole hang situation HERE.

Try wallpaper in frames like Kelly HERE.

See Anita’s baby dresses HERE.

See Anita’s screen door turned chalk board and how to make it HERE.

Go big like the swan, that hangs in P. Allen Smith’s entry.  See it HERE.

See Anita’s empty frames HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne, and Kelly