Episode 149

Where to Store Holiday Decor


January 9th, 2018

38 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

After the abundance of the holidays your first thought when asked "Where to store holiday decor?" Might be, "THE DUMPSTER"!

But nooooo, we love our trees, wreaths, garlands, ornaments, reindeer, angels, tinsel.... and everything else shiny & brite. But for all things there is a time and for all things there is a PLACE.

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We give you great tips on the place for ALL your holiday treasures. And advice on giving the non-treasured things a new home. Listen in!

Firstly, purge any Christmas decor that you didn't put out (if it didn't make the cut chances are it won't next year!) - purge any Christmas decor you really don't love ( and we mean LOVE ) and purge any decor that has seen better days. The tired old elf is gonna look even more bedraggled next year!

Ok, now you have the cherished & LOVED decor to pack away. Use bins or sturdy boxes. Clear or labeled work best.

Kelly suggests creating an "open first" box that contains the items you like to start with so you aren't opening bin after bin looking for a certain item. Kelly & Yvonne both start decorating with their mantles. So their "open first" boxes will contain all the items for the mantle. Get the idea...

Organize your bins by area, tree or even color, but do organize them and group 'like' things together. The 'like' can be where they go, the color or type of thing. This makes decorating next year easier & more efficient.

If you have artificial trees and no tree bag pick up a pack of these tree bags. Click HERE

Kelly likes to use large black bins so they contain her long tree topper & picks. Click HERE

Yvonne likes to use smaller clear boxes so she can see whats inside. Click HERE

Storing a wreath is no problem with these handy circular bags with handles. Click HERE

Or try a hard plastic container for wreaths with fragile bits. Click HERE

Good luck getting it all away, but don't stress it. Enjoy your decor for as long or little a time that is right for you!

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly