Episode 160

What Designers Notice First


February 4th, 2018

35 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

What do designers notice first when they walk into a room? We're talking about the things designers (or decorating enthusiasts) notice when they walk into your home. Personally we love to see how other people decorate their homes. We are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Yvonne is still talking about how gorgeous Amy Howard's home is. (This is a home she owned in 2015.) Yvonne and Anita were invited to a party at Amy's house and they got to see her amazing home. Here's a link to see photos from the Amy Howard class we attended and you'll see several photos of Amy's home. If you look closely you'll see Anita and Yvonne in the photos. CLICK HERE.

Kelly's pillow she talked out is HERE.

Designers notice

paint colors

fresh flowers

scuff  marks on the wall

unusual pieces

furniture layout

moldings and woodwork

home scents

if the house looks like every other house

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly