Episode 17

Episode 17: Kitchen MUST Haves


March 7th, 2017

31 mins 21 secs

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Life happens in the kitchen.

And, life is better in the kitchen with our ‘Kitchen MUST haves’.  Listen in as we chat about the items that we can’t live without in our kitchens.  Maybe one or more will become favorites of yours too.  If you have a ‘kitchen must have’ call us and let us know what it is so we can try it out.

We three like to add a table lamp, artwork and other decor items to the kitchen so it feels less utilitarian.

Anita uses big bowls on her counter as decor and get her other kitchen styling tips.  CLICK HERE

Yvonne’s kitchen is not complete with her well used cookbooks.

Here are a few of our favorites:

A vintage volume of Mastering the Art of French Cooking  by Julia Child

Barefoot Contessa Family Style  by Ina Garten

The Foothills Cuisine of Blackberry Farm  by Sam Beall & Marah Stets

Cook Like A Rock Star by Anne Burrell

Making Of A Cook by Madeleine Kamman

The Heart Of The Artichoke by David Tannis

Saveur: The New Classic Cookbook by Saveur Magazine

Make The Bread Buy The Butter by Jennifer Reese (so funny!)

Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook by Cheryl and Griffith Day

Houston is Cooking at Home by Ann Criswell.

Here are some terrific storage ideas with style from Anita.  CLICK HERE

Try Maldon Sea Salt as Kelly suggested and we think you’ll get hooked.  To read about this flaky crunch salt CLICK HERE.  To pick up a box CLICK HERE.

Free your backsplash from electrical outlets like Kelly.  CLICK HERE

Read Anita’s post on Kitchen must haves.  CLICK HERE

Take a tour of Yvonne’s farmhouse kitchen. CLICK HERE

See Yvonne’s favorite kitchen gadgets. CLICK HERE

See Yvonne’s Functional And Fabulous kitchen racks. CLICK HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne, & Kelly

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