Episode 194

Life Help, Kitchen Organizers


April 24th, 2018

35 mins 21 secs

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Oh how the seemingly little details of life, if done well, can make it all the sweeter! An organized kitchen is high on the list. You spend a lot of time in there so it should be a quality experience. Today we have loads of tips & ideas for making your kitchen not only a well functioning room, but a beautiful one too!

Anita stores her dry good in rectangular glass jars. See a similar set HERE.

Kelly claims not to have a junk drawer and well, we have reason to believe her. The clean gene runs deep in that one! She admits to a "miscellaneous item" white pitcher. Get yourself this type stylish "junk drawer" too. Click HERE.

Yvonne likes to use Ball Jars of all sized from everything from spices to flour. Have a look HERE. She also swears by these clear refrigerator storage bins.

Purging is the first step to a truly organized kitchen. get rid of any flaking non-stick pans. Those are bad for you anyone. Replace with an All Clad Stainless multi-purpose pan. The one Kelly uses is HERE.

Anita & Yvonne swear by their label makers. Are you a labeler? Try one HERE.

A Lazy Susan is great idea. Get one like Yvonne's HERE.

If you have wasted vertical space take Yvonne's tip for stackable shelves. Have a look HERE.

A lovely Mother's Day gift would be Kelly's beautiful book ~ My Soulful Home - a year in flowers. You mom or anyone would love it. Maybe treat yourself to a copy. Pick one up HERE.

Our Tip of the Day is from Pia! Pia listened to our episode on unique nightstands and then shared her DIY upscale of a tv snack tray with us. Listen in for the terrific details. Great out of the box - off the tray thinking Pia!! Thanks for sharing...

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly

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