Episode 207

Know Your Decorating Style


May 24th, 2018

34 mins 21 secs

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If I asked you, "What is your decorating style" what would you say? It's important to have a very clear idea of your style to be a fabulous home decorator and to help guide you when making purchasing for your home. Don't get stuck or make wrong choices because you cannot clearly define your style.

Decorating styles are fluid and our tastes change. But the more clearly you can focus in on the style you love the better decorator you are!

Most people have a mix of styles in their home. And that is a good thing!!!! A little mix gives your home personality!

You can love lots of different styles but just don't decorate with all of them! It can be very confusing.

If you are not happy with your style you should look through magazines, blogs, Pinterest, and go on home tours and find the style you absolutely love! 

Four words to remember when thinking about a decorating style...

CURATE- you want a purposefully chosen look. Every item you put in your home should fit your decorating story and go with the rest of your home.

COHESIVE- strive for a home that looks unified and flows together. No outliers!

CONTROL- don't get to crazy when decorating. Control your style... Edit, Edit, Edit!

CONFIDENCE- if you decorate with confidence and know your style you can decorate with joy moving forward.

Create a private Pinterest board to collect pins of decor you are attracted to. Study those images and see if you can pull out decorating "themes".

Make a mood board online. Choose items you would love to put in a room. 

Decorative juxtaposition is great and gives lots of interest to a room, but too many juxtaposed styles will look confused. 

Please take into consideration the style of your home and the geographic location of your home when decorating!

We Talked about how to determine your decorating styLe in epIsode 2 HERE

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