Episode 213

Easy Ways to Add Character To Your Home


June 7th, 2018

32 mins 57 secs

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Does your home exude character? Does it have a look all its own? Adding character to your home no matter what style will make your home one in a million!

Today let's talk about what we can do to add character to our homes.

One way to do add character is to replace the doorknobs and look for vintage ones like crystal.

Look for little things to add to your home like a tassel hanging from a doorknob or lamp.

Add shutter to the back of your home and replace a solid door with one that has windows. 

Add the street address to a transom or sidelights of your door. You can have it painted on or use frosted details. I have the letter "P" on one of the sidelights and it's just a frosted decal. No one is the wiser... until now!

Molding is a great thing to add to your home to give it a more custom look!

Replace hollow inside doors with great solid wood ones.

Add ceiling medallions to your chandeliers.

Add planking to your walls or ceilings.

Walk around your home and make a list of all the little details you could add to add character to your home.

If you have wall to wall carpeting on your stairs you might want to think about ripping it out and painting the stairs or if you have good wood underneath the carpet and add a flat pile runner.

Add a french chair

Add a statement piece to each room.

Find a vintage mantel and fake a fireplace.

Update your chandeliers.

Paint ceilings a different color.

Use vintage corbels as decor in your home

You can paint the stair rails and spindles. Yvonne painted her golden oak stair rails high gloss black and the spindles white.

You can also add character to a room by shopping the DTT shop! So many beautiful products. You can see them HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly