How To Freshen Your Home in 10 Minutes

Episode 219 · June 21st, 2018 · 32 mins 2 secs

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No, it's not impossible to freshen up your home in 10 minutes. Maybe not the whole house but you will be surprised how much you can get done in just 10 little minutes! Let's get busy and freshen up our home!

Set a timer and race against it!!!!! You can get a whole lot done if you work fast!

A vignette is an easy and quick idea to add to a room! Or switch out things in the vignette!

Get rid of all the magnets and art on your frig. Instant freshen up! Make a bulletin board of kids artwork on a big bulletin board instead. 

How about framing kids artwork instead. Display their artwork where they can see it. We also love Chat Books to make little books of art etc of our kid's work!

Clean up a spot in your home! Find a messy spot (we call them hot spots) and clear and clean it off!

Take one thing out of a room. Or add one thing! Take out things you don't like in a room and add only what you love!

Shop your home! Nothing is more refreshing than finding something you already have and finding a new place for it.

If you need a new piece of furniture, shop for it online. You can see Yvonne's favorite funky chair HERE

Rotate your artwork! Or really anything in your home.

Get out your dishes and add them to your decor!

Pick one spot and concentrate on it. 

Add flowers to a room.

Harness the "power of three"! A tri of decor items will look amazing!

Go through your stack of mail, magazines etc. Spend 10 minutes getting rid of it!

See BEST AND EASIEST WAY TO DECLUTTER. You can decide how long you want to spend every day! 10, 20, 30 minutes a day accumulates and makes a very organized home!

See Anita's great post about THE SECRET TO LOOKING ORGANIZED  HERE

Rearrange your pillows in a fresh new way! Kristy at Starfish Cottage 

Pot a plant in a fun planter. Think about using your fun kitchen bowls.

Make a watering bottle for a plant. It's so pretty and will keep a big plant alive! See it HERE.

Add a fun pop of color to your home! See Kelly's HERE

Put a big bowl of seasonal fruit on your kitchen table

Hang a mirror in a room.

Change out the wreath on your front door. Don't neglect your front door! Clean your door and the windows around it. Sweep off your front porch or stoop. Or better yet, hose it down.

How does your front door mat look? Update it or shake it out and sweep all the grime away.

Swap out the small doormat on the inside of your front door. 

Listener tip from LeoneW. Take a piece of Formica to fit the base of the cabinet under your sinks. It makes it easy to clean and is waterproof!

Wash your throws. They can get very dirty! 


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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly