Episode 228

Decorating With Succulents


July 12th, 2018

35 mins 20 secs

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One of the easiest and prettiest ways to add a pop of organic life to your home is with a plant. And one of the easiest plants to keep alive and thrive is a succulent. So it's only common sense you should try a bit of succulent beauty in your home!

You can get both real and faux succulents and they are very inexpensive! 

Succulents make great party gifts or hostess gifts! Adorable!

See Kelly's SUCCULENT 101 HERE.

Have you seen the GORGEOUS succulent bridal bouquets! See some HEREHEREHERE

So what is a succulent? They are not cacti. But a broad range of plants that have cells that retain water. So succulents don't need to be watered as often. Succulents do not have spiky spines.

Succulents are fabulous for indoor decorating. See a fun fall succulent project HERE.  And see mini succulent topped pumpkins HERE.

Best pot for a succulent is a clay pot. And use a special soil mix for your succulent. 

Plant succulents in kitschy vintage items. Kelly planted her's in a vintage sifter HERE

See Yvonne's succulents planted in a colander HERE.

If you live near Lancaster Pa you will want to visit HENRY'S GREENHOUSE!

Please be gentle with succulents. Because they are so water-filled their leaves break easily. To see how to care for them go HERE.

Here's a succulent propagation overview: Choose a nice leave and pluck it off. Put your leaves on a dish and let the broken end callous a bit. This should take a few days. Then fill the saucer with cacti/succulent potting soil and lay the succulent leaves on top of the soil vertically. DO NOT PLANT THEM IN THE SOIL. Water minimally.  In a few weeks, tiny roots will begin to appear and a tiny plant will grow out of the leaf. Then the "mother leaf" will wither and die. Plant the new succulent in cacti/succulent soil and watch it grow!

Succulents are fabulous juxtaposed to something more elegant. Think about succulent and silver! Succulents look amazing in anything white.

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly