Episode 231

Laundry Room Decor


July 19th, 2018

34 mins 45 secs

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Could your laundry room use a little facelift? Do you dread going in to do your laundry? Well, today we are going to change that! Let's talk about gorgeous laundry rooms that we aspire to!

Today there is a big, big trend toward front load washers.

Many front load washer and dryers have sit on a shelf with a drawer. So nice not to bend over to load and unload.

Kelly has a fabulous washer and dryer, Miele. Check them out! They are amazing!

Baskets are a great way to store items in a family room! Baskets also bring a lot of texture into a laundry room.

See Yvonne's Functional and Fabulous Laundry Room reveal HERE

See Kelly's Laundry Room Mood Board HERE.

If you don't have a table to fold laundry think about getting a fold-down table that sits parallel with the wall and then drops down.

A drying rack hanging on the wall is a fabulous thing to have in a laundry room. See Yvonne's favorite HERE

Be careful if you hang things in your laundry room that it doesn't become a closet of sorts. Put things away!

Anita has a drain in her laundry room... so smart!

A big glass jar to put clothespins or laundry detergent in is so charming. See Yvonne's favorite HERE.

We all think that a place for a dog is a nice idea. How about putting in a dog wash station? Look on Pinterest for some great dog washing stations.

If you have space in your laundry room put a utility sink with a faucet with a spray nozzle. You might need one if you paint or have animals.

You might like a laundry basket on wheels. See a great one HERE.

See Yvonne's 10 Best Items To Have In a Laundry Room HERE.

See Yvonne's Best Dryer Balls Diy HERE.

Listen to music or our podcast while doing laundry. Put an Alexa (HERE) in your laundry room.

Kelly uses a dresser in her laundry room and assigns a drawer to each family member to pick up their items.


Please visit our friend Julie at My Wee Abode: Go HERE

What do you think listening friends, rug or no rug in the laundry room? Let us know!

Laundry rooms are so devoid of texture and purposefully think about how to bring more texture in.

Because a laundry room is usually small use all the space available. Go vertical!

Think about adding art! Steal Canvas makes industrial looking laundry basket. Check them out HERE.

There's always room for a little plant. Add one... and a lamp! 

See Anita's beautiful laundry room with its chandelier HERE.

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