Episode 240

How To Make A Small Room Live Large


August 9th, 2018

33 mins 49 secs

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Do you have a small area in your home that is hard to decorate? Don't worry about it... we have lots of great ideas to live large in a small room! We all have spaces in our homes that are smaller and sometimes these are the most challenging to decorate!

What room in your house needs to live larger!

Here's the first rule of small space decorating... KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Remember to take pictures of your room as you style it. Pictures don't lie!

If you have a small bedroom think about installing a Murphy bed. You can have all those extra space to live in and pull down your bed when you go to sleep.

Think about keeping your walls light and your color palette light.  Unifying a room with color is a great way to make a space look larger.

Infuse lots of texture into a small room when you use a light color palette.

Pull the furniture away from the walls. Just a tad. Doing this will give the illusion of space.

Let a room breathe! Don't decorate every space!  

Be very aware of keeping decor simple.

Keep windows very minimally dressed, or even keep window free of fabric.

Think about smart storage solutions.

In a small room, light becomes important. Pay attention to brightening up your small space with light.

Furniture with less visual weight works better in a small area.

Keep your furniture leggy! Things that are skirted might look to heavy in a smaller area.

Use your closet wisely. How about taking off the door of your closet and make a bookshelf or a desk.

Add things like molding, a high shelf or curtains hung high will help the eye move up. Remember our eyes like to look around a room and if we can draw our eyes up to something in a room our mind's perceive this as "larger".

Add a mirror to a small room. 

Don't add tiny art. Even in a small room, it will get lost. Go bigger. Smaller things may look cluttered.

Keep your small space uncluttered! And keep it neat! Think about the "cantaloupe rule" ... don't have anything in your space smaller than a cantaloupe. Pretty good advice!

Scale furniture to your room. Larger furniture with less visual weight. 


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