Episode 260

Listener Questions Answered


September 25th, 2018

32 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

We LOVE answering your design questions and sharing your tips! Today we cover a whole bunch of questions and share a terrific upcycle that everyone can try.
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Anita and I am just back from the first weekend of the Round Top Antique Show. In fact, I am typing these notes as I wait for my plane home. What a wonderful whirlwind it was!!

The best part of our time at Round Top was meeting so many of you when you came to visit us in the Bespoke Decor booth. Jackie, Fran, Sharon and all the rest of our friends, thank you for taking the time to visit with us! We were beyond touched! xx

Today at Bespoke we are giving a token of thanks in the form of a discount. Get 15% off your whole order by using the code ROUNDTOP15 at checkout. Head HERE to enjoy the discount!

People have been asking what was the best seller at the show so far...it was our new cross body bags by a nose. I wore mine all 4 days. It holds loads of stuff and allowed me to be hands free as I was hunting for treasures for the Round Top Boxes so many of you have ordered. See our Bespoke Cross Body Bags HERE. I have the bee design !

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly