Episode 262

Get Out of Your Decorating Rut


September 30th, 2018

29 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

It happens to all of us at one point or another ~ the same old same old.

We are stuck in a decorating rut. Wanting a new fresh look, but not knowing exactly how to change things up for the better.

As always, we have practical actionable advice for you so by this afternoon you will have climbed right out of that decorating rut. Let's get climbing...

Listen in for our sources for decorating inspiration. They are many & varied. Bottom line, as with all of life, mind & eyes wide open gets the best results!

Tip - don't shop for decor until you are fully clear of the rut. Shopping won't help you get out of it, only pile more on so you can't see the way.

Go for it - be bold! Take a chance on what you love whether it be a style, piece of furniture or a color. Life is short, surround yourself with what makes YOUR heart sing.

For those who are wondering, Round Top was fantastic! Thank you to the many podcast listners who took the time to visit us in the booth!! xx .

Listen in for the full round up on Round Top! Kelly is back home, but Anita, since that is her home, is still there. We will be hosting two blogger friends at our booth on Tuesday 10/2 for a book signing. They each have written fantastic books we know you will love.

If you can't get to the signing you can check out their books HERE and HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne and Kelly