Episode 271

Liven it Up - Living Room Decor Tips


October 21st, 2018

33 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

Living large in the living room ! This has nothing to do with size, but how you outfit this room for function, comfort & style. See yours with new eyes today. That new perspective, coupled with our help may just make this your favorite room in your house.

This is the perfect time of the year to re-examine, re-think and maybe even re-arrange your living room. After all many people only enter the living room for holidays & with company. ( funny that it is called the living room - maybe more the ocassional room for some! ) . So with the holidays heading our way soon let's get living large in the living room.

Head on into yours with a fresh set of eyes. Remove what doesn't move you. Like Kelly says, "if it doesn't move you - move it". Someplace else or out for donation, consignment or gifting.

With the unloved out of the way think about the funcationalty of the room. Are there clear paths of traffic? Are there spots where conversation can be comfortably had? If not, make changes in the positioning of the furniture.

If you don't, but want to use your living room more, think of ways to make it a multi-tasking room. A game table or reading nook are lovely ideas. A pool table, not so much ;)

Break up matching furniture sets and / or too much of the same patterned fabrics.

Add something round. Round is a wonderful shape to add to a room that traditionally has a lot of rectangles and squares. It is an organic, calming shape that might just be the thing to take your living room to the next level of lovely!

Here are some fabulous round living room additions you may want to consider:

Mirror HERE

Coffee table HERE So inexpensive too!

Ottoman HERE Could be a coffee table too!

Pouf HERE and it says Paris!

Watch a video tiour of Kelly's living room HERE.

Visit Anita's living room HERE.

See Yvonne's living room HERE.

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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly