Episode 274

Accesories That Will Make Your Room Amazing


October 28th, 2018

34 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Accessories make a room. They are what give your spaces personality. Accessories can tell a story an evoke a vibe. You want yours to be telling the right tale. So listen in for ideas & inspiration on the real fun part of decorating ~ accessories!

Accessories can be VERY budget friendly!

Plants & flowers add an engery to a room that no decor items can ~ add some!

Texture IS an accessory!

Check out the Styled & Set tour Kelly mentioned HERE.

Stack 3 books on your coffee table. Let their titles tell a bit of your story.

Shiny, metallic accessories add pizazz to any style.

Art is necessary in every home. Make yours unique like you!

Add a touch of black to every room. Use this color in accessories for an easy punch.

We are so proud of Anita! The Cedar Hill Farmhouse Collection is live on Soft Surroundings!!
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Anita, Yvonne & Kelly