Episode 293

Favorite Kitchen Tools


December 30th, 2018

43 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

It is New Years Eve! Exciting!!

Anita and I both prefer a cozy New Year's Eve at home. And since I have the Rose Bowl Parade literally yards from my house, leaving my area tonight is not an option. So making a lovely dinner at home is the call.

If you don't finish your champagne ( call me ;) ) well first try the spoon in the bottle trick.

Today we share our favorite kitchen tools to make doing that for a special occasion or any night easier and more fun.

Anita can't do without her cast iron pan. She educates me and those of you who aren;t yet in the know on how one is seasoned & cared for for the best performance. The heat conduction of cast iron is like no other pan. Get one HERE

A kitchen scale is a recent addition to my kitchen & I am using it a lot. This one is the one I have, it us inexpensive and works really well. See it HERE

These Russell Hobbs retro tea kettles and toasters are FABULOUS!! You must have a look: HERE and HERE.

I did not get an immersion blender in my stocking so I will be ordering this one myself! Get one for your kitchen too HERE.

Can't do without a good meat themometer. Try this one HERE

One of my top 3 kitchen 'tools' finishing salt. My favorite is Maldon. Try it - you will love it too! Get a package of Maldon HERE and elevate your dishes instantly.

Germ-a-phobs head's up on this - voice activiated trash can a' la Anita HERE.

Fruit dehydrater HERE.

Hooked on finishing slat then you need a salt cellar. I love this marble one. See it HERE.

Stove top smoker sounds interesting. Anita suggests a ceramic one HERE and HERE.

Onion glasses, really Anita? Ok - HERE.

All this and more of course ...including a listener question and THE BEST MASCARA I have ever used. ( May as well look great while cooking at home!! )

Check out Anita's collection at Soft Surroundings. Totally gorgeous of course. I am exactly hanging the arched mirror from the collection today! You can find Anita's Soft Surroundings collection HERE.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!! Be safe, be happy, stay warm and get ready for an exciting 2019 from us to you!

Anita & Kelly