Episode 295

Wireless is a Lie


January 6th, 2019

32 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Wires & the technology that the wires support are part of our lives. The concept of wireless is fantasy. Even the "wireless" phones, gadgets and more that claim to be wireless are not. Even 'wireless' things need to be charged. So rather than giving in and putting up with the wireless lie we have solutions for you!

Thanks to Darcy H for her question which inspired this episode. I wireless high 5 to Darcy !! Thanks for this great epiosde idea. We hope our thoughts help you & anyone else who is tangled up in cords.

Try flexible moulding to conceal the the wires. Check it out HERE.

Keep all devices in need of charging in one room, like an office or create an enclosed charging station. Listen in for an idea on how to do this.

Get a collective charging device for iphone, airpods & Apple watch. Kelly has this one from OLEBR HERE.

Television wires - try painting the wall your tv hangs on black. Check it out on Pinterest - looks really cool. Or paint the wires that are exposed to match your existing wall color.

Plug molds are the bomb for hiding wires. This one even has USB outlets. Check them out HERE.

Circular holes in desks so wires can slide through and down to an outlet.

Cable clip organizers. These look great to prevent grasping for fallen wires. See HERE.

Cord Tacos - super cute for controlling wires especially for travel. Could also make your own. Look at them HERE.

Rolled jewelry organizers can be a great place to keep your wires tangle free. HERE is a cute one.

And here is one made just for devices, wires & chargers. HERE.

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